Our vision is to become the market leader providing innovative connected solutions worldwide.

Fleet Management

Our all-in-one Fleet Automation System provides fleet owners with the right tool to manage their vehicles.


Our telemetry solution allows the automatic measurement from remote sensors and alerts can be sent by sms and email for different exceptions.

Dispatch Platform

Our dispatching solution is a complete set of web and mobile applications, which include job booking, processing, dispatching and invoicing.

In-Vehicle Camera

In-Vehicle CCTV Camera based on your requirement for live3G video transmission, the ability to send incident videos automatically.

Tyre Management

Our system utilizes two pieces of hardware, these wireless devices greatly increase the speed and accuracy of inspections so that your staff can do more work in less time.

Health & Wellness

Based on our commitment to further diversify our line of products, our R&D team have come up with iCare, an avant-garde range of innovative and user-friendly Health & Wellness technology solutions

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