Dispatch Platform

Our dispatching solution is a complete set of web and mobile applications, which include job booking processing, dispatching and invoicing. The dispatching platform can be implemented for an online taxi booking solution, a courier (dispatch) service solution, a coach hiring solution and so on. Several components work together to seamlessly connect clients, service provider and the services.

Client Mobile Application

The client mobile application provide the option to book for a job on your mobile phone, for both iOS and Android. The application enables the client to receive notification for the status of the job, track the job when dispatched and have a history of the job done.


Dispatching Application

The dispatching application allows a service provider to receive jobs booked by clients, edit same if needed and send for processing.

Dispatch centres can automate the process by setting up zones and automatically dispatch the job to nearest car/courier agent/driver as per the zones and order set.


Driver Application

Normally the people processing the jobs are drivers doing the taxi booking, the courier transfer, the coach or any other service. The driver connects on his mobile application and receive jobs.

They can opt to accept or reject jobs, save jobs, have a history of jobs done and so on. The driver application has an integrated navigation system where it can route the driver to the job to be done.