The RHT Group

RHT HOLDING LTD was initially one of Mauritius’s leading public transport operator. The company still operates in the public transport sector but has since diversified its activities in other sectors of the Mauritius economy. RHT HOLDING LTD ia s public company quoted on the Development Enterprise Market (DEM) of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd.

We have established a strong reputation as a reliable transport service provider, distinguished by our sound corporate governance, commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

RHT HOLDING LTD has interests in real estate and property, financial and corporate services and computer and ICT/related activities.

The company is also the beneficial owner of a domestic closed-ended fund whose main activity shall be the financing of technological products and properties.


RHT Bus Services Ltd

RHT Bus Services Ltd previously known as Rose Hill Transport Ltd. has been operating as a bus service provider for nearly 60 years. From 1952 to 1954, it operated under one management with buses owned individually by different directors. In 1954 it was formally incorporated and became the first bus company on the island, hence its route numbers 1, 1A, 1B, etc.

As from January 1st, 2009, the company has been restructured and as at to date RHT Holding Ltd. is the holding company of 5 new corporate entities namely: RHT Bus Services Ltd., RHT Investments Ltd., RHT Properties Ltd., RHT Ventures Ltd. and RHT Fund Management Ltd.

To be a trendsetter offering an outstanding level of service that meets the highest environmental and social standards.

To be the first choice for passengers worlwide and to maximize returns for all stakeholders.

RHT Investments Ltd

RHT Investment Ltd. was setup in April 2009 and its objective is to manage the investment of RHT Group in quoted and unquoted shares. The investment team has depth of experience in all segments forming part of the portfolio. The company also benefits from the solid reputation of the Group built over six decades.

The portfolio of the company includes investment in the banking, tourism, insurance and pharmaceutical sectors. RHT Investment Ltd. is an important player on the Mauritius Stock Exchange.

Investment policy
RHT Investment seeks capital and income growth over medium to long term basis. Risk mitigation is achieved by having a diversified portfolio. A disciplined value creation approach is followed to achieve investment objectives.

RHT Investment Ltd. manages its investment with the goal of creating value and to broaden its asset base. The company actively seek opportunities in areas of high growth potential.


RHT Properties Ltd

RHT Properties Ltd. is the real estate arm of RHT Group. It currently manages all the properties and facilities of the Group. The company will soon start investment in residential and commercial segments.

Mauritius is witnessing a boom in the realty sector fuelled by foreign investment and appetite of locals for better amenities and living spaces. RHT Properties Ltd. would like to become an active player in the new development phase of Mauritius. The objective is to create spaces and buildings that adhere to ‘Green’ standards and enhance the quality of living of all Mauritians.

The Group is known for being Innovative and a Trend Setter in all spheres of its activities; future projects will encompass these values.

Create spaces and buildings that are inspired by the environment and that exceed the expectations of our customers.

To transform RHT Properties Ltd. into a leading Real Estate Developer / Property Management company and to create landmark projects that enhances significantly the quality of life of people.

RHT Fund Management Ltd

RHT Fund Management Ltd. serves as fund manager to RHT Capital Ltd (RCL) and to other member companies in the Group.

Our investment process aims to achieve targets set by our customers, while balancing the risk to reward ratio. Current market conditions are not favourable as they were previously, which makes the management of Funds even more difficult.

RHT Fund Management Ltd. employs a disciplined and systematic analytical driven investment process. We have a very clear understanding of the businesses in which we invest. This gives us the ability to manage risk effectively and deliver the results our clients desire.


• Quantitative and qualitative screening of projects
• A minimum of 3 due diligence meetings before investment
• Highly structured review process
• Quarterly visits by a senior member of the team to assess project progress
• Watch List process ensures heightened monitoring of KPIs


RHT Ventures Ltd

RHT Ventures Ltd. (RHT VL) is the corporate venturing arm of the Group. The company has invested in start ups operating in the technology and media fields.

Portfolio companies include: Island Communications Ltd, and Besides investing in the equity of the start up, RHT VL is an active manager bringing its expertise and supporting its portfolio companies through its extensive network in Mauritius.