Tyre Management

Make tyre management simpler, better and minimize the labor. You can automate where appropriate and use paper where appropriate. ICL helps you grow smoothly and easily into a leaner, smarter operation.

Learn how easy it can be to know where your tyres are, how they are performing and costing when using our automated system. You can see which tyres need to be rotated, recapped, or replaced before your trucks roll into the service bay. Know which tyres have gone out for recap, which came back, and which ones are somewhere in limbo.

ICL’s Tyre Management System delivers benefits to any size fleet in an affordable package.


ICL's Tyre Tracking Hardware

ICL uses two pieces of hardware, the “Inspector” handheld PC and the “KwikCheck Probe”. The wireless devices greatly increase the speed and accuracy of inspections so that your staff can do more work in less time.

The Inspector device allows you to perform tyre inspections anywhere you need to: from the bay to the yard to the side of the road. The Inspector software can run on almost any windows mobile device, but we use the latest in ruggedised mobile technology to ensure performance.

The Probe is rugged and handles the situations that you encounter every day. Taking electronic readings for both tyre pressure and tread depth eliminates transcription errors and improves the validity of your data. It reduces the amount of time taken to perform an inspection saving both time and money.

ICL's Tyre Tracking Software

The ICL Tyre Management desktop application is the heart of the product. It utilises a simple drag and drop interface to ensure that even people with little experience can understand and operate the system.

Inspection data from the Inspector flows automatically into the tyre management system while tyre movement data flows wirelessly to the handheld.

In the real word you don’t always have 100% of the data you want. You may have a tyre disappear, a long lost tyre show up, tread depth that grows instead of shrinking. ICL’s Tyre Management System is designed to handle these situations and prevents little hiccups from destroying the validity of your data.

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